Prayer Bulletin

•Pray for good health and safety for the eye team as they travel along the border and for future work in Burma.

• Pray for Ruth Green’s students as they study, so that they will be well equipped for returning to Burma.

• Pray for Scott and Nok Murray as they settle in Chang Mai and thank God for their dedicated service. 

• Thank God for the Safe House bakery and land and pray for Joe as he develops it and for the SH residents.

• Pray for new medics to be recruited to work in Tewado.

• for wisdom for all those in leadership in Burma, whether in national government, business, churches or local communities

• The staff at Kwai River Christian Hospital and the many people they support, including the Safe House and Candlelight

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The specific prayer requests are:

  • On-going peace negotiation and signing of the nationwide ceasefire agreement.  All leaders to have wisdom and keeping in mind the welfare for the people who are most vulnerable as they meet in different places leading to the actual signing.    

  • As the economy grows, the poorest people get to enjoy some of the benefits, and not get left further behind.
  • Please commit to God's wisdom and grace the work of Jonathan & Elisabeth amongst some of the poorest people living on the border, with thanks for the commitment of these two dedicated doctors.



  • Give thanks for the ongoing and generous support for the eye work, from both individuals and organisations. This funded nearly 2000 eye operartions every year
  • Give thanks for the health and strength of the eye surgery team that allows them to continue.
  • Give thanks for Ruth Green's work on the border training teachers in the migrant schools.
  • Recent successful trips to different projects and all the operations made