Many of the young people among the Karen have strong faith and some are keen to train as pastors, youth workers or teachers. Bible Schools give them the opportunity to gain Christian teaching and often improve their English language too. Many of these youngsters are potential future leaders.
Karenaid gives some support to three such schools, one large and well established and two smaller ones.

Karen Baptist Bible School in Mae La Camp

Mae La Camp houses over 45,000 refugees so it is the largest of the camps on the border. It is also home to the Karen Baptist Bible School, which is the most advanced further education establishment in the area. It provides a systematic 4 year college education in English, including a BA course. During the year students are sent out to lead / help Sunday Schools near and around the camp and lead Bible studies in the schools in the camp. Also the students are actively involved in ‘Out Reach Teams’ visiting other camps when travel is permitted.  The college principal is Revd. Doctor Simon.  Pastors from Scotland visit and give lectures to the students.

Koh Loh Traw Bible School in Mae La Oon Camp

This camp is remote and, in contrast to Mae La Camp, receives very few visitors.  The Bible school runs course in ‘Diploma of Theology in English’ and also ‘Karen’. The courses are not currently verified by an external body but the curriculum is from a seminary in Rangoon.  

Bible College : Karenni Camp No2 Near Maeesariang

The qualification offered by the Bible School is called Christian Theology Studies. The course is taught in the Karen language. Most of the teachers were trained in Rangoon. On completing their studies students do not go onto Pastor Simon’s Bible College at Mae La camp for further education due to travel restrictions & the cost of getting there. The alternative for the academically inclined student is to study in Toungoo, just over the border of Karen State to the West of Burma/Myanmar.  Karenaid funding provides for diesel fuel for generators so students have light in the evenings to study. In addition they provide power computers.